Manufacture for rafts and docks

Carpentry art from Franconia

We build exactly what you want! We use almost exclusively regional products, rely on close contact with the customer and manufacture our products with the utmost care.

What’s in it?


forms the frame. The Association of German Sawmill Associations and the Association of German Carpenters have created the construction product Konstruktionsvollholz (KVH®) in order to be able to produce modern wooden structures, in particular visible wooden components made of solid wood, economically and without defects.

This quality-controlled sawn timber guarantees a wood moisture of about 15%, heart-free or heart-separated incision, limitation of crack widths and tree edges. The high quality is achieved by sawing out imperfections and gluing with a finger joint.


as a covering. Each of our planks will be selected separately after a visual inspection.

In addition to ordinary wood and the finest tropical wood planks, we also offer WPC planks - the easy-care alternative.


Plastic, that's not possible!

But stop! Anyone who knows what exactly is behind the term reuse knows that it is an object that gets a second chance after its first life - "misused".

But why use "used" barrels?

Very easily! In the sense of the manufacturer, these barrels are disposable items, because the bulky size makes the return transport not worthwhile. The new drum comes from the manufacturer to the consumer, who empties the container all at once. Now we come, we buy the barrels and up-cycle them and thus bring them back into the cycle.

New floats mean tons of plastic, we deliberately chose this alternative solution, that's why!

We clean the barrels and check for leaks.

Weather Protection

in your favorite color, in the form of a glaze from OSMO® or colorless, with an oil from Clou®




About us

"Our primary goal is to re-establish unique items in this time characterized by mass products." - Kristian Kapp, Carpenter


In our opinion, these few lines say everything about us. We rely on solid manual work, direct contact to the customer, connected with an open ear for any product requests and on employees who always know what they are doing. Even if we rely on old values ​​- we are definitely not old-fashioned!

Our products combine the highest quality, functionality and a high-quality look.

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