Ad-on parts, special constructions

and other options

You can follow from various xtras in order to design your product into an unmistakable unique piece and exactly on your own and possible ones.

⚓️ Railing

Price per meter including post and adjustment in the frame


normal, twice, triple 


normal, braided

⚓️ Hut

Flat roof with slight slope, roof design selectable


Roofing felt

Additional Parts







⚓️ Motor stand

made of wood for different performance classes

5 Ps

15 Ps

25 Ps

⚓️ Fender

For protection when docking on land or other boats



⚓️ Additional float

Each additional float increases the buoyancy and thus the stability

220 L plastic

including 2 lashing straps

⚓️ Lashing straps reserve set

⚓️  Motor

⚓️ Battery

⚓️ Battery case

to protect the battery

On the raft

Under the raft

⚓️ Awning

Refines the look and protects from the sun Wooden posts that can be removed and receptacles that can be closed in the raft with plastic covers

Additional option

With child protection net on the edge

prevents small children from falling down

⚓️ Floorboards painted on both sides

Increased protection of the planks against weathering by painting the underside

⚓️ Lower board spacing

Reduced gap size reduces the risk of losses due to falling (3 instead of 7 mm)

⚓️ Ladder



⚓️ Waterproof barrel for valuables

⚓️ Tropical wood flooring

⚓️ WPC-boards

Diele aus Holz-Kunststoff-Verbundwerkstoff

⚓ ️Furniture

Handcrafted furniture for the raft with but also without hut

⚓ Anchor

Including 5 m rope

⚓ Swim ring

Safety and optical accessories

Prices and other requests gladly on request


You don't want or can't take care of your raft in your own hands? Our offer to you:

Pflegeservice 730+

- Visual inspection

- Complete repainting of the property

Price conditions:

On demand

Let us make your individual offer!

Our service package does not cover damage caused by vandalism or gross negligence.

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